Introduction to the Indicator "CPR by PIVOT EDGE - with AUTO BUY SELL Triggers"

The Foundation layout for this indicator is based on PIVOT's strategy which are nothing but the most important levels that the price has respected in the past. The values for the pivots are derived from the key attributes of the price in any timeframe such as the previous OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE. These define the mood of the price and where it intends to move in relation to the previous range formed. Earlier HIGH - LOW i.e the RANGE indicates the possible movement that a stock can make in the current session and as per the calculated pivots we can possible find out the tentative supports and resistances. In addition to this indicator, It is advisable to use the price action theory which helps in taking a right decision for entries.

This indicator by itself is complete in nature, i.e it guides the user for possible entry levels and the projected targets that we can achieve and also the likely stop loss limit in case the price reverses. So beforehand even before entering into a trade position, the user can ascertain what can be his loss or max profit and then he can chose an optimum position size for favorable results. This Indicator also comes with labels for all PIVOTS like CPR , TC , BC , S1,R1, PDH , PDL etc.. which makes it easier to understand levels and trade

The beauty of this Indicator lies in the fact that it can be used for all types of trading styles like Scalping, Intra day, Swing or Positional and Investments also. It works on all timeframes and across all market segments like EQUITY, COMMODITIES , FUTURES , FOREX etc. This indicator can be used for any exchange and any time zone also without any changes or adjustments needed.

Now let us understand the features of this Indicator in detail.

TIMEFRAME - It has options to choose between Day, week and month as timeframe. By default it is set to Day timeframe - Though this Indicator works on all timeframes, it is advisable to work on ,15,30 mins Intraday and 1H,2H, 4H for Swing and D,W candles for Positional trades.

DISPLAY CPR BAND - This displays the CPR range that consists of Pivot , TC and BC . This Band or Range is the core of this indicator and this gives a detailed information about the tentative range and momentum of the market for the present period
as well a prediction for next session and also can tell you the history of its prior period. This level acts as both support and resistance based on the direction of the trend. The unique feature built in this indicator is that
the CPR Band changes its color based on whether it is ascending or descending CPR or in other works if it is higher value relation or lower value relation compared to previous session. Green for Higher and red for lower relation.
DISPLAY SUPPORT RESISTANCE - This indicates the important support and resistance levels for the day which is derived from the price details of prior period that is based on HIGH / LOW / CLOSE of prior period.

DISPLAY PREVIOUS HIGH / LOW / CLOSE - I have included Daily / Weekly. It is important to know the earlier highs / lows and close since price respects it very much just like support and resistance .

DISPLAY TOMORROW CPR - This displays the CPR band and support / resistance for tomorrow. It give an advance information of tomorrows trend and momentum today itself if you study the CPR concepts you can be prepared for tomorrows' market and can very well know in advance if it will be a sideways market or a trending day.

PMA - Pivot Moving averages are an important combination of 3 Fibonacci series based moving averages. Here I have used 9,14 & 23 as the series which I found gave best results after long period of back testing and finetuning. It clearly gives you the mid term trend of the price and if you just follow the color of the band then you wont go wrong. Always try to take entries whenever price finds support or resistance close to the curve and avoid taking entries whenever price is too far from these curves.
These curves and the area are also color coded to depict buying and selling zones.

MAJOR TREND - This displays the prevailing major trend in the market and I have used as 200 period moving average by default which you can change to suit your needs. You can check the major trend of the market by using higher timeframes above 1Hr.

MARKET BIAS INDICATOR - One more unique feature of this Indicator is the background color which denotes on which medium trend currently the market is i.e whether Buying is favorable or selling is favorable. Light blue if for Buying zone and Light yellow is for selling zone.

BUY SELL triggers - This is going to be the most unique and advanced feature of this indicator. I have carefully studied and created a special trigger system which will alert the user whenever a BUY or SELL opportunity is presented in the stock. This is the result from a lot of study of the pivot strategies, CPR techniques, Price action theory, Candle stick patterns , market structure and my trading experience all put together. You can set the automatic alerts to any number of stocks to whichever timeframe you prefer either for Intraday or even swing & positional trading. ( Depends on the type of Trading view account you hold). Please note that this Indicator trigger's works even for the free trading view account and you do not need paid version.
Color classification - Buy triggers bars will be colored in Parrot green or Lime green color, Sell triggers bars will be colored in pink color. Regular Bullish and bearish candles will remain as Green and red.

ALERTS - I have coded automatic alert system in trading view and named them as ENTRY SIGNALS. You can add alerts to any of the stocks at whichever timeframe you prefer so that whenever there is a BUY or a SELL condition met, you will get notification or Desktop / Mobile app / Email etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This indicator does not guarantee any favorable results nor protect your from any loss. You own the complete risk of your trades. It is suggested that you use this indicator and do back testing for considerable period to understand how it works the the potential win rate it can give.

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