this strategy used to determine and anticipate potential changes in market price and reversals. The Highs referred to in the title are created based on the number of bars that exhibit lower highs on either side of a High, whereas the Lows are created based on the number of bars that exhibit higher lows on either side Low.it also analyzing price changes and reversals, a trader has more of an ability to determine and predict price patterns and general price trends...

The backtest results are based on BANKNIFTY last year's data. It has an initial capital of 10000 and the size of the lot is 4.banknifty option weekly expiry has very low premium so we can take 4 lot in less than 30k.. The target is 50PINTS and stop-loss is 100 points. The commission paid is 20 cash per trade and the slippage is 5 ticks per trade. Some of the Indian broker's commission is only 10 cash per trade. Adjust the commission as per your broker. Trades are conducted based on the intraday time in India set from 9.20 am to 3:20 pm. All positions will get square off at 3.20 pm. All other parameters are suitable for Robo trading with Indian stock brokers.

Also added Quantity feature it automatically double the quantity on losing trade
reasons why to use strategy
1) human psychology never focus on one thing... We never follow one strategy for long time... Bcs we hve greed... If some one says indicator give u 95% than we chnge our strategy which on we r working but indicator didn't give u back testing... Our strategy gives back testing... On 5 min chart of banknifty future... Tv on premium membership give one year back testing... And on crypto it gives 2month backtesing on 5min chart
2) we hve sufficient back testing trades... On 1year back testing minimum 700 trade should be done for back testing bcs thn we know how our strategy work on all market conditions.... For crypto in 2 month back testing more thn 300 trade needed to know it's performance... Our strategy produce suffiend trades... So we know how it works on all market conditions
3) we provide banknifty strategy for intraday... So it's open trade after 9 20 and close all position on 15: 20...so it's backtesing is sure shot perfect
4) for banknifty option strategy... We have made it to book profit or loss in 5 to 15 min... So no time factor effect... So vry profitable for option buyers
5) for banknifty option we had made it fully auto it's automatically buy at auto strike price.. So no tension to select strike price
6) u can also choose weekly or monthly expirey
7) we hve provided table for monthly proprofits... So we know how it's work on every month
8) last but not least...key of 🔑Sucess in stock market and crypto is following the right path for long time... With non biased strategy with positive backtesting result... And all the best

caution: always follow risk management before using strategy
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
remove bugs
Release Notes:
added kotak broker for auto strike price
Release Notes:
remove kotak broker bugs
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Dr Aakash parikh
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