Zazzamira 50-25-25 Trend System Alerts Only

Publishing my trading system script. It consist of several conditions to happen in order to open a trade. Work best on ES/MES 5 minute timeframe.
I like to use it with this settings:
- UTC -6 (don't tick Exchange Timezone)
and rest as default

To enter a trade, the following conditions must be met: Entry 1: the opening range (8:30AM - 9:15AM UTC-6) must be defined and the price must close above or below the opening range on the 5-minute timeframe. This entry condition defines the trade direction (above = long / below = short). Once the opening range is defined, the Trend-Based Fib Extension is applied from the range high to the range low (and vice versa). Fib levels are required for Exit conditions. Entry 2: the 8 - 27 - 67 - 97 EMAs must be defined. If the EMAs value order is 8 > 27 > 67 > 97, long-only trades are allowed. If the EMAs value order is 8 < 27 < 67 < 97, short-only trades are allowed. This entry condition filters fake breakouts of Entry 1. Entry 3: no trades are allowed after 12:59 UTC-6 (2PM EST). Entry 4: if Entry 1, Entry 2, and Entry 3 conditions are valid and the price hasn't reached the 23.6% Fib line, an entry order can be set at the range high/long with 4 contracts. To exit a trade, the following conditions must be met: Exit 1 (Stop loss): set a trailing stop based on 2.1x ATR (14) from entry. Exit 2: take 50% profits at the 23.6% Fib and leave trailing stop untouched. Exit 3: if Exit 2 triggers, take 50% (25% of total entry) off at 61.8% Fib, leaving Exit 2 trailing stop values valid. Exit 4: exit the full position at the FIB 100% value. Exit 5: all trades must be closed at 3pm UTC-6 (4PM EST). So basically Take Profit are 50%-25%-25% of position.

Code has been written by © Hiubris_Indicators who has been an amazing coder and gave me the possibility to make this script public so a really big shoutout to him.

This indicator only works for alerts, please check version without alerts to backtest or tweaks. This indicator is meant to be used to automate the system via webhooks
Release Notes:
Added optionable retest

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