Multi Pivot (S/R) & Previous Period (OHLC)

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Multi Pivot (Support/Resistance) & Previous Period (Open/High/Low/Close)

The previous script was deleted because of a copyrighted word.
From JayRogers description.

█ Multi Pivot Selector
Allows you to set up to 3 distinct sets of pivots, each with their own resolution settings and the ability to select how many support|resistance levels are shown.
The maximum amount of S|R levels available varies with different pivot types, the options available are:
  • Traditional
  • Fibonacci
  • Woodie
  • Classic
  • Copyrighted word
  • Camarilla
  • Fibonacci Extended

Previous Period Levels
A simple but highly customisable display of previous higher time-frame OHLC values.
Customised resolution input which excludes time frames lower than 1 hour while extending the common higher reference inputs.

This script is based on JayRogers script, I only added some features so please check out his script.

  • I added the timeframe in the labels, in order to make it easier to differentiate when using multiple pivot set.
  • As well as making it possible to change the lines color of each pivot set separately.
  • Labels can now be displayed on each side (right, left and both) or just disabled.
  • The type of pivot can be shown on the right side.
  • Lines extension can be disabled and lines width value can be changed.
  • I also added another one of his script to display OHLC levels, I made similar changes.
  • Converted to Pine Script v5.

Previous Period Levels - X Alerts
Pivotal - Multi Pivot Selector (which was also deleted because of the copyrighted word)
Release Notes:
Removed copyrighted word from script as requested.
Open-source script

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