SR Levels - Major Support and Resistance Levels

Hello Traders!

This Indicator helps you to identify Major support and resistance level. Major Vibration numbers are working as support & resistance in the many scripts as I have seen. Since I have my research about the vibration numbers, I strongly believe these numbers are works as good Support & Resistance . This is just try to idendify the those number to enter into the trade. Use Other indicators to Identify Trend and for your support!

When Price move low to high:

1) Green Line works are buy entry point, TP area is Red Line, SL area also Red Just below the Green Line

When Price Move High to Low:

1) Red Lines are works as Sell entry point, TP are Green Line, SL area also Green Lines just above the Red Line.

Notes: This Indicators is mainly focus the script which more than 5 digit scripts. Example above 10000 price scripts only.. for Intraday. below 10000 or 1000 scripts also works but for long term not for intraday...

Release Notes: Added Lebel Level in updated version
Release Notes: Label Error fixed: Previously Label two duplicate value shown. Now fixed.
Release Notes: Changed Main levels only
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