Colorful Moving Averages

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what is Colorful Moving Averages?
This indicator allows you to use your favorite moving averages in their advanced form.

what it does?
It gives you easy access to the following information with a single indicator: the direction and momentum of the price,
rate of change of momentum (acceleration),
time-dependent change in momentum,
and all the other information a moving average provides.

it paints the selected moving average type according to the momentum it has, and also shows the momentum and acceleration values in a table. colors are interpreted as follows: the color of the moving average is red, the momentum is negative; A green color means the momentum is positive, and a yellow color means the momentum is 0. As the momentum changes, the moving average takes on different shades of these 3 colors. how it actually works can be easily understood at a glance.

"Δ" sign indicates momentum compressed between 100 and -100.
"Γ" sign indicates the momentum of the momentum, that is the acceleration. its values are compressed between 100 and -100.

how it does it?
it uses this formulas:
how to use it?
First, select the moving average type you want to use. then set the length and source. Now, with a single indicator, you can observe both the distance of the price from the mean, its instantaneous momentum relative to the last candle by looking at the symbol "Δ", the current change of momentum by looking at the symbol "Γ", and the time-dependent change in its momentum by looking at the colors. you can also see the maximum and minimum points where the momentum is equal to 0.

Release Notes:
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