CPR (Central Pivot Range)

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Central Pivot Range is a trend and volatility forecasting tool. It is calculated from previous session's (day, week, or month) high, low, close values. It works on the idea that every trading session must be the result of its previous trading session.

Pivot, top pivot and bottom pivot values form the CPR. If the CPR for each trading session is getting higher (and also the price is trading above it) then it denotes bullish bias and vice versa for bearish. And the width of the CPR (i.e., distance between top and bottom pivot) denotes the volatility of the session.

If the CPR width is narrow, we can expect a trending or volatile trading session. If it's wide, then we can expect a range bound or sideways trading session.

Support and Resistance levels can be used as a profit booking zone or to add/reduce position sizing.

In this Indicator you have the following:
1. CPR with traditional support and resistance levels (S1-S5 & R1-R5).
2. Developing CPR for next trading day, week, and month.
3. Customizable lookback period, line width.
4. Option to show/hide labels, prices, SR levels, developing CPR.
Release Notes:
Fibonacci, Classic and Camarilla types have been added.
Release Notes:
Dev cpr for higher timeframe fixed.
Release Notes:
Background fill for CPR added.
Developing CPR lines moved to respective session time.
S1, R1 for Developing CPR added.
Release Notes:
Dev CPR line fix for weekend and holidays.
Extend Dev CPR line by given number of days option added to fix Dev CPR line on holidays.
Release Notes:
Updated NSE/BSE 2024 holidays.
Added missing SR midpoints (0.5, 3.5, 4.5).
Added support for half-yearly (6M) timeframe.

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