Supertrend Volume Oscillator

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The Supertrend Volume Oscillator is an innovative tool that integrates volume analysis with the established Supertrend indicator to offer a unique perspective on market conditions. By comparing directional volume against the aggregate volume over a designated lookback period, this oscillator adeptly signals overbought and oversold states through a volume-weighted methodology. Key settings such as the lookback period, Supertrend factor, and ATR period are adjustable, allowing traders to tailor the trend detection sensitivity to their preference.

Crucially, the oscillator delineates overbought and oversold zones via a channel parameter, with its value represented as a percentage ratio of directional to total volume, visually enhanced by a color gradient shifting from red to green based on oscillator readings. Background coloring further highlights market extremes for easy identification. A continuous line tracks the oscillator's value, anchored by a horizontal zero line as a neutral benchmark.

Additionally, the oscillator is equipped with alert conditions that notify traders when entering critical zones, facilitating informed trading decisions. This fusion of price trend analysis with volume metrics provides traders with a comprehensive tool for gauging market sentiment and trend strength, making the Supertrend Volume Oscillator a valuable addition to any trader's arsenal.
Release Notes:
Visual Upgrades: Enhanced the oscillator's visual representation with color gradients and background highlighting for better trend identification.

Alert System: Refined alert conditions for market entry signals based on oscillator values crossing defined thresholds.

User Interface Improvements: Added reference lines and fill colors for an intuitive understanding of market conditions.

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