Camarilla Scanner v1

The script is based on Camarilla pivots for trend analysis of stock in intraday.
It will scan the selected stocks chosen in input settings displays the current status of where they are with respect to Camarilla pivots .
The day's history will show only those closed above R4/below S4.
Release Notes: supports 5 mins and 15 mins timeframe
Release Notes: minor enhancements
Release Notes: minor enhancements and fixes
Protected script
This script is published closed-source and you may use it freely. You can favorite it to use it on a chart. You cannot view or modify its source code.
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can you make this screener for FTSE STOCKS in UK.

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Taral123 Taral123
@Taral123, don't mind paying you for that
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Can you share script?
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algotradewiz jainmunish97
premium indicator with alerts me for more details if interested.
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Vikas984 algotradewiz
@algotradewiz, WHAT IS PREMIUM
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@Vikas984, everything same but you can get alerts.
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umeshvaundhekar algotradewiz
@algotradewiz, Hi,I am Interested, can you share details to proceed further.
srikantadash123 algotradewiz
@algotradewiz, i want premium with indicator
Great Idea for Floor Traders

Thanks Mate ...
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