Price Wave V.1.0

The Price Wave Indicator is very good add-on to the Volume wave which is an important tool in the Wyckoffian Analysis of the stocks. Along with the Volume wave it helps to understand the effort and result ratios and the consequent effect on the stocks. It has to be used in conjunction with the Volume wave and not useful on a standalone basis
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Sir Thanks for the script. I shall be grateful to get guidance on how to use it. With best regards
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sal157011 praveen.bhatiya
@praveen.bhatiya, Read "Trades About to Happen" by David H. Weis weisonwyckoff.com
@sal157011, Thanks a lot.
Hi, could you please provide the code so that i can make some changes for my use?, or could you make some changes to the code?

Best regards.
Hi Sir can u combine Price and Volume wave in one indicator plz