BankNifty Dash

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This indicator to be used only in BankNifty , shows Values of BankNifty Index & its top constituents.

Dashboard Interpretation :
LTP - Last Traded Price.
D High - Day High.
D Low - Day Low.
I Points - Shows the contribution of top BankNifty constituents according to its weightage.
PH-PL - "PH - PL" means LTP is trading between Previous Days High( PH ) & Previous Days Low( PL ) which indicates Rangebound-ness.
"+ PH" means LTP is trading above Previous Days High( PH ) which indicates Bullish-ness.
"- PL" means LTP is trading below Previous Days Low( PL ) which indicates Bearish-ness.
ATR - Displays the Daily ATR (Average True Range) (14 period).
DTR - Current Day Range.
DTR% - Current Day Range percentage.
( DTR & DTR%, changes colour based on percent value. < 61.8 is green and > 61.8 is red.)
For example if the Daily ATR is 100 and the current range of the day is 200 this would be 200% the original move.

Default value of 5 is used in Fast EMA.
Default value of 21 is used in Slow EMA.
Default value of 200 is used in EMA (Used for trend direction).
User can change values from input section.
If the colour filled between Fast EMA and Slow EMA is green, the market is in a uptrend
If the colour filled between Fast EMA and Slow EMA is red, the market is in a downtrend.

ADR :-
Plots ADR (Average Day Range) zones are used as support and resistance, ADR zones are calculated using a 5 or 10 day period unless you change the settings.

Plots Previous Day High(PDH) and Previous Day low(PDL).
Release Notes:
Added option to select the Index Nifty or BankNifty.
if you select Nifty, Shows Values of the Nifty Index & it's top constituents according to weightage in index.
Release Notes:
Updated Weightage of Nifty/Bank Nifty top Constituents.

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