Blockunity Level Presets (BLP)

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A simple tool for setting performance targets.

Level Presets (BLP) is a simple tool for setting upside and downside levels relative to the current price of any asset. In this way, you can track which price the asset needs to move towards in order to achieve a defined performance.

How to Use
This indicator is very easy to use, you can set up to 5 upward and downward targets in the parameters.

The main elements of this tool are upward (default green) and downward (default red) levels.

Several parameters can be defined in the indicator configuration.

In addition to configuring which performance value to set the level at, you can choose not to display it if you don't need it. For example, here we display only two levels:

You can also choose not to display the labels:

Also concerning labels, you can choose not to display them in currency format, but in numerical format only (for example, if you're viewing a non-USD pair, such as ETHBTC):

Finally, you can modify design elements such as colors, level widths and text size:

How it Works
Here's how upside (_u) and downside (_d) levels are calculated:
source          =   close
level_1_u       =   source + (source * (level_1 / 100))
level_1_d       =   math.max(source - (source * (level_1 / 100)), 0)
Release Notes:
  • Correction of downward label values.

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