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Supply and Demand is one of the core strategies used in trading. It focuses on the ancient laws of supply and demand and how price moves in a free-flowing market. Supply and demand zones are a popular analysis technique used in all kinds of trading styles. The zones are the periods of sideways price action that come before explosive price moves, and are typically marked out using a box. We wanted to make these squares drawn automatically for you - so it will save you time spotting the zones.

Green Box
The green box defines demand - in these areas you will look for long opportunities. You can also use these zones for take profit levels when you are in a sell trade.

Blue Box
The blue box defines supply - in these areas you will look for short opportunities. You can also use these zones for take profit levels when you are in a buy trade.

Break of structure
For markets to move up and down a break in market structure must occur. A break in market structure occurs when the market begins to shift direction and break the previous HH and HL or HL and LL of the market. We also integrated the feature that you can see the BOS lines. In the indicator settings you can adjust the values:
1) Sensitivity
2) Min. candles in structure
3) BOS type: close or wick

Warning Never blindly take a position on each box - wait for a proper signal to occur before considering a position.
Release Notes:
Updated the Daily and weekly Highs and Lows
To easily detect where price will be probably heading next, we will be using the daily and weekly highs and lows. These levels need to be broken for the trend to be continued in the desired direction.

Customize the look of the indicator
  • Imbalance colors
  • The weekly and daily highs and lows
  • Text size and text color
Release Notes:
Minor bugs fixed:
- Chart scaling problem solved

New Daily and Weekly Highs and Lows Interface
Release Notes:
*SMC v1.0.3 Changes*
*Completely reworked the Market Structure and Order Block logic.*
Market Structure is more accurate and responsive, also misses less zones.
Order Block placement is more accurate, resulting in more powerful rejections from the zones.
*Added multiple customization options* such as all colors as changeable, BOS line styles, BOS Label text.
Release Notes:
Better OB Logic
Fixed Position Type Bug
Fixed Smaller Timeframe Issues
Fixed Alerting Issues
Minor Bugs fixes
Release Notes:
New swing logic

Auto Fib connected to swingpoints to detect Discount and Premium zones
Release Notes:
SMC 1.0.6
- Added Multi Timeframe High/Lows
- Added 'Focus Mode' - The indicator will only show the most recent relevant information
- Adjustments to Swing High/Lows
- Added Adjustable Fibs
- Added more OB Placement options
- Fixed Fib glitch in back testing mode
- Added option to extend volume imbalance boxes
- Cleaner code and other minor changes/adjustments
Release Notes:
- Set % or pip rules for a pullback. This will allow you to be more precise in your swing structure.
- Loads of new alerts
- Added FlipZones (under OB Type in settings)
- FakeOut detection options
- Added option to toggle off/on different items in the indicator
- Equal highs and lows detector
- Other minor changes and tweaks
Release Notes:
New order blocks features
  • Swing Order blocks
  • Internal Order blocks
Release Notes:
New update SMC V1.1.1

New theme features:
We had a lot of requested on the Sonarlab Chart theme. You can now choose from two themes: white and dark.

Dark theme

Light theme

New Order block logic - OB stop
See old order blocks that have been broken

Bug fixes:

max_bars_back bug fixed
People experienced problems while back testing the SMC Indicator. This problem is fixed now.
OB bug fixed
Swing OB 50% Line Bug
Minor tweaks OB Logic
Release Notes:
update V1.1.2
- Added structure line to read structure easier
- Added daily, weekly and monthly highs and lows
- Minor interface changes
- Fixed minor bugs
Release Notes:
Minor bug fixed: Previous daily high/ low did not work on its own.
Release Notes:

This update was focused on improving the imbalances:
- Lots of new Imbalance Options
- Add the option to either; Keep mitigated imbalances on the chart, Remove the mitigated imbalances, or Keep the mitigated imbalances and extend them to the point and time of mitigation (Same as OB Stop option in SMC Indicator)
- Added option to extend the imbalances out to a custom amount. Or set to 500+ for maximum extension
- Added an option for a display limit to keep charts clean
- Colors for Premium/50% Zones, and Mid Lines for Imbalances

Plus, added the New HTF Imbalance with all the same options listed above

Few other bugs fixed and minor tweaks
Release Notes:
SMC 1.1.4
Re-worked OB Alerts (multiple OB touches)
Added alerts for Previous D/W/M
Changes to Order Block Logic
Added OB Stop Colors
Darker 50% OB Line for Dark Theme
Fixed OB bug
Fixed "Strong" swing text bug
Release Notes:
Update V1.1.5

Main new features
  • Added "OB Logic" options, choose between "Traditional" and "New". Traditional will show an OB on every BOS, where "New" will filter and will focus on showing only the best.
  • Added new OB Style "OB Profile". OB boxes will extend only to the Swing Lines
  • Added new OB Style "OB Profile". OB boxes will extend only to the Swing Lines
  • Added an option to adjust the "Strong Close" percentage (currently is fixed at 50%)
  • Added 5 more fib options (now 10 total)
  • New "Invalid After" Option for OB's "First Touch". As soon as price touches the OB it will be removed.

Minor changes
  • Added option to choose mitigation level of the FVG/Imbalance
  • Added dotted line styles
  • Removed Flip Zone OB Style, it was too messy and didn't work properly. I would suggest using the OB Stop style to see mitigated OBs

Bug Fixes
  • OB Stop bug fix
  • OB mid line fix
Release Notes:
Focus Mode Bug Fix
Release Notes:
Equal highs and lows feature.
Release Notes:
SMC 1.1.7
- Added option to turn on/off BOS or CHoCH
- Added option to change BOS or CHoCH to different colors
- Added option to change color/opacity to Simple Structure lines
- Added placement options for the DWM Labels
- Fixed EQ High/Low Bug
- Fixed Bullish OB Stop Colors Bug
- Fixed Swing OB Profile Bug
Release Notes:
- Minor Changes
Release Notes:
- Minor Bug Fixes
Release Notes:
- Fixed FVG Alert Issue
Release Notes:
SMC v2
Merged our Premium SMC Indicators into the one SMC indicator and added a bunch of new features

Added Trend Line Liquidity (TLL)
Added FVG, BPR, and more Imbalances
Added Volume Profile
The volume profile will show you the specific volume of the range you are trading in. This can be really handy for showing high volume area's and adding upon your confluence.
Added Liquidity Grabs
Get notified when a high or low gets taken and the market rejects from that area. This comes with a label: LG (liquidity grab) and with an alert.
Changed how Order Blocks are displayed
Always displaying the most recent bullish - and bearish OB not matter how far back in price.
Added Order Block Bull/Bear Volume Data
Shows lower timeframe bullish and bearish volume that is present inside he OB candle
Added New Swing Types
'Adaptive' is what is current in SMC 1.1.7. 'Natural' don't adjust and move, giving a more natural feel to the swing high and low placements.
Added CHoCH+
The CHoCH+ will give you a more stronger version of a normal CHoCH - it has a higher chance of reversing
Mitigation options for EQH/L
Minor bugs fixed
Release Notes:
- Added Equal High/Low Alerts
- Fixed Theme Colors
- Fixed sub-1min timeframe bug
- Bug Fixes; PDH/L Label, OB Volume Data, OB Stop
Release Notes:
Fixed Imbalance issue
Added Imbalance Display Limit
Fixed DWM lines bug
Fixed EQL/EQH label size
Improved loading speed
Added option to hide DWM prices
Added option to hide "LG" text
Other minor changes and improvements
Release Notes:
SMC 2.0.2
- Added Mitigation options for Imbalances
- Added Box Extension options for Imbalances
- Added Labels to the types of imbalances, as well as the HTF Imbalances
- See how much imbalances have been mitigated by hovering over the labels (only with "Shrink Imbalances" turned on in the settings)
- Added "Arrow" line style for BOS/CHoCH
- Added color options for the OB Volume Data
- Multiple bug fixes and minor changes
Release Notes:
New features/ changes - V2.1

  • New Order Block Strength Calculation and Design
  • New Order Block Strength Meter makes it easier to read and understand which Order Blocks are likely to hold
  • New Buy and Sellside Liquidity levels
  • New Buy and Sellside Liquidity Levels show key areas where large pools of buyers and sellers would have their Stop Losses behind
  • New Market Structure Shift (MSS)
  • Bullish MSS is when price first takes out the Sellside Liquidity, then price will create displacement by aggressively moving in a bullish direction while breaking through the most recent internal high.
  • New Inducement Feature
  • The new inducement feature will show you where the market traps buyer and sellers by manipulating the market through key levels, then once trapped, the market will aggressively move in the opposite direction.

And of course other small optimizations...
Release Notes:
- Fixed Volume Profile and 50% line not showing with Swing Structure off
- Separated "Simple Structure" to Swing, Internal or Both, and given colour options
- Fixed Order Block array bug
Release Notes:
- Minor bug fixes

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