Stormgewehr 44

coded my own version of the willy with an added volatility filter that'll reduce whipsaws, accentuate divergences and give a quicker entry/exit on crosssover

a good strategy imo would be long/short when price + oscillator div at the point when there's a crossover (technically the 2nd crossover)

Release Notes: you're now able to smoothen the dynamic line (turned it into a variable as not everyone has my taste)
Release Notes: smoothness is set to 3

however, for smaller TF's increase it to 9
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i would like to try it.. how can i get the source code
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Really good stuff! The improvements over the standard Willy indicator is insane! Thanks for the great work
I've been backtesting it for about 3 weeks and it works superbly, Stormgewehr is really awesome indicator.
The strike rate (when divergence detected, I enter the trade and my take profit levels are hit) is about 80% which is great.
Thank you Storm for making this lovelt indicator, I owe you mate ;)
God Bless ~
This is great!
Thx mate!
Does tuning the smoothness work better on diff TFs or not?
mertmaximilian fuckthecops
@fuckthecops, a few people have dm'd me about the smoothness and the TF associated. to make it clear, the lower the smoothness, the more observable the divergence but at the price of choppier plots. wrt to the dm's, i just find a higher smoothness works better for lower TFs.
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share please!!