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This indicator is able to show ranges, the equlibrium (50%) and range deviations.
It has four pre-defined options and one custom version.
Asia (2000-0000) ny time
CBDR(1400-2000) ny time
Flout(1400-0000) ny time
ONS (OverNightSession)(0400-0800) chicago time
Custom (you can choose the times)

ICT (Inner Circle Traders) teaches, that those range deviations of asia,cbdr,flout can be used to find the daily high/low.
TCM (The Currency Merchant) teaches, that a move out of the range often is a false move to trap traders into the wrong direction.
Release Notes:
Complete Rewrite of my previous Range Devitiation indicator

- Asia, CBDR, Flout by ICT
- ONS by TCM
- Custom Session

- Option for Half or Full Standard Deviations
- Option to show Equlibrium
- Option to toggle on/off Range Boxes and Session Start/End-Lines

Combining standard deviations of those ranges with PD-Arrays taught by ICT, this tool helps identifying the next draw on liquidity and projecting daily highs/lows.
Release Notes:
- fixed half deviations on custom

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