Volume Spread Analysis Ichimoku

This version of the popular Ichimoku indicator is modified to let the user choose between his classic mode and the volume-weighted mode.
Every line of the indicator is customizable with this function.

The Kijun and Tenkan lines are choosable from:
1. The normal version, so the average of the high and the low of the selected period
2. The volume mode, so the average price of the selected input ponderated to the volume

The Senkau Span A is the average from the Kijun (fast line) and the Tenkan (slow line) lines and it's choosable from:
1. The normal price version
2. The volume mode
3. The average between points 1 and 2
4. The automatic average between the two fast lines that you've chosen

The Senkau Span B is the slowest line of the indicator, used to determine the long-term trend, and can be chosen from:
1. The normal average price between the high and the low of the selected period
2. The volume average price, using the Volume Weighted Moving Average

The Trama Backline is the popular "LUX Algo" T.R.A.M.A. indicator, which I'm thankful for, and can be fantastically used to display the current trend strength and condition. This line is readable in the following way:
- If the line is moving sideways, the trend may be in a consolidation phase
- If the line is moving upwards or downwards, the trend may be in a trend phase

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