Kama Based Regressive Strategy for NIFTY : Indicator

This is a Indicator Script for a Strategy which is backtested here


I was pretty fascinated about the use of KAMA (Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average ) with non linear time-series, and my research about its realtime usage came out pretty good,
Kama if utilised correctly with a proper set of other indicators can give us non-repainting profitable strategies with a good unit(no. of trades) of backtest!

How i came up with this Strategy ?
One bright day, I and some of my friends were discussing over some of the quantitative measures, to minimise the risks in a trade by reentering and reverse entering at a very high frequency. After a lot of brain-storming that night I came to rescue some behaviours in KAMA , which made my day that day,

I came up with a strategy that would reenter and reverse enter any positions with core goal of getting into an efficient profitable frontier . I did some coding over return assessments and it showed very promising results for certain boundary and variable conditions, you just require a good trend-filter and a good boundary break condition, i coded the boundary break conditions with KAMA , and used a simple adaptive ATR for trend filtering.

Use of the above Strategy
We all know that all things cant be coded, you just have to start right, with a well backtested profitable strategy in trading.
The above strategy is a good start towards an analysis and alert generation for taking a good backtested-profitable lookup into a security, finding where it works and where it fails, final decision always lies in the hands of the trader,
I personally use such kind of strategies to generate alerts for me to take lookup into and get ready and prepared for any good trade that is coming.

This strategy is non-repainting and is optimised for Nifty 5 mins
With Provision For Alerts which are :
Buy Alert
Sell Alert
Buy Adder Alert
Sell Adder Alert
Trend Change Alert for Exit

How can i get Access
Right now access to the script is limited to few people and friends as it is experimental, and it is just for a demo purpose. Meanwhile if you want to have access just private message me, don't write any comment for the access since it is against the house rules of Tradingview, use comment-box only if you wanna add something!

At last Thanks to Tradingview for making such an awesome platform.

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