Astro: Planetary Aspect Dates

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In astrology, planetary aspects refer to the angles formed between two or more planets in a horoscope or birth chart. These angles are created by the positions of the planets in the sky and are thought to represent a particular energy or influence that can impact events on Earth.
The most common planetary aspects are the conjunction (when two planets are in the same position in the zodiac), the opposition (when two planets are direct across from each other in the zodiac), the trine (when two planets are 120 degrees apart in the zodiac), and the square (when two planets are 90 degrees apart in the zodiac).
This chart overlay is a simple companion indicator that highlights aspect dates for the following oscillator:
Release Notes:
Update: Fixed timestamp error that prevented the indicator from loading. Thank you to the traders who reported issues (@phunkalunk gets my credit for being the first) and the TradingView Tier 1 & 2 Support Teams for helping resolve it quickly! Please remove, refresh, and reload to receive this update.
Release Notes:
This update now includes over a dozen different celestial bodies, made possible after the most recent update of the AstroLib library. Additionally, the Geo/Helio switch has been fixed. Please remove and reload this indicator from your charts in order to receive these important updates.

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