Sector Momentum

This indicator shows the momentum of a market sector. Under the hood, it's the MACD of the number of stocks above their 20 SMA in a specific sectors. The best insight it gives is to tell if the market is doing a sector rotation or having a full blown correction.

Users have the options to choose a specific sector out of the 11 sectors:
XLB, XLC, XLE, XLF, XLI, XLK, XLP, XLRE, XLU, XLV, XLY or show all them them by adding multiple indicators.

Use this indicator similar to MACD to look for momentum acceleration, deceleration and turn in a sector. More importantly, users can open up the indicator for all sectors and then compare between each.


1. When we see momentum slows down in XLP and turn of XLK, it's a sign of sector rotation from consumer staple to tech. Money is going from defensive to riskier assets. Market is leaning towards risk-on mode. Stocks in tech have higher probability to outperform those in consumer staple.
2. When we see momentum subside across all sectors all at once or one by one, particularly both XLP, XLK/XLY, we'd expect market breadth is taking a hit across all sectors. This is not a sector rotation. A short to mid term market correction or drawdown is very likely.

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