[NG] Intelligent Indicator - v1.2

An indicator like RSI and Stoch for detecting oversold/overbought conditions. Use alone or combine with other indicators for max efficiency.
Works good on 1h-2h charts.

Buy when indicator tries to go above red lines (after previously entering them), and sell when indicator tries to go below green lines (after previously entering them) - Maybe use MAs for smoother indications? But, you will make more if you can catch the indicator on a sharp peak.

To improve efficiency - Every 3rd/4th peak would be a good time to buy/sell.
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can i get access to this?
how can i get access?
Plz give me access
well, macd, rsi, stoch, and all the other indicators doesn't work for indian exchanges...coz indian crypto exchanges are quite well regulated...not much volatility..but i may be wrong
Could i test this script too please
Hello NikhilGuptab4

Thanks for your efforts, it seem like your indicators, may I have a chance to test it?
@ICEKI, Just added.
ICEKI NikhilGuptab4
@NikhilGuptab4, Thank you for your generous =D
Hi, Does this mean the market has stabilised and now on an uptrend ?
NikhilGuptab4 Om_Sharma
@Om_Sharma, Yeah, it figures. I am mostly positive with this indicator, but take this with a pinch of salt. :)