Candlestick Patterns detection and backtester [TrendX_]


The Candlestick Patterns detection and backtester is designed to empower traders by identifying and analyzing candlestick patterns. Leveraging the robust Pine Script's add-in “All Candlestick Patterns”, this indicator meticulously scans the market for candlestick formations, offering insights into potential market movements. With its backtesting capabilities, we evaluate historical data to present traders with performance metrics such as win rates, net profit, and profit factors for each pattern. This allows traders to make informed decisions based on empirical evidence. The customizable settings, including trend filters and exit conditions, provide a tailored experience, adapting to various trading styles and strategies.


This indicator is powered by the Pinescript add-in, *All Candlestick Patterns*, which provides a comprehensive library of candlestick formations.


The indicator features a detailed usage table that presents backtested results of all candlestick patterns. This includes:
  • Win Rates: The percentage of trades that resulted in a profit.
  • Net Profit: The total profit after subtracting losses from gains.
  • Profit Factor: A measure of the indicator’s profitability (gross profit / gross loss).
  • Total Trades: The total number of trades taken for every candlestick pattern's appearance.


The indicator integrates candlestick pattern detections directly into the chart, displaying:
  • Pattern Detections: Each detected pattern is marked on the chart.
  • Win Rates: The win rate of each pattern is shown in brackets next to the detection.


Users can customize the indicator with a variety of trend filters and settings:
  • Trend Filters: Apply filters based on SMA50, SMA200, Supertrend, and RSI threshold to refine pattern detections.
  • Exit Condition: Set an exit condition based on the crossing of a simple moving average of customizable length.
  • Visibility: Choose to show or hide the candlestick patterns’ detections on the chart.

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