Weis Wave With Effort/Reward Matrix

This is based on Weis Wave principle with different customization. Namely

  • Shows Volume (in thousands) for each wave
  • Calculates the effort/reward matrix of each wave (proprietary calculation)
  • Can show either bar count or Effort/Reward (E/R) Matrix with volume for each wave
  • Default is E/R Matrix only

You can choose what you want to see from the indicator setting. It could be just wave volume , just ER Matrix (default), both ER Matrix and volume , ER Matrix and bar count or all three.

How It Works

BUY - Look for a wave (down) that ends at and around a same level with double or more ER Matrix

SELL- Look for a wave (up) that ends at and around a same level with double or more ER Matrix

There is also a principle called fading E/R Matrix that suggest the dying interest of either buyers or sellers. That also could be a good pointer to initiate fresh trades in the direction against the fading participants.

Points To Note
That said, it is best that you try to align it with your own trading style and existing principles. For example, I use only this indicator and don't even use candle sticks. It's more to do with the way I want to wade away negative and psychological brain fades. I generally use it with E/R Matrix only. As I have mentioned earlier, I always look for a level failure, i.e when I see the price fail to make a new high/low at around the same level with double or more E/R Matrix value. When this happens the price tends to reverse direction. I generally keep the SL 10 pips below/above the last wave end depending on the kind of trade I am into. What I have seen, it has a decent accuracy rate. Of course you ought to have basic price action idea to use this indicator effectively. It is for the people who have prior price action knowledge, so don't expect the script to generate buy/sell signal, because it won't. This indicator itself is an ecosystem of trading and you have to use it based on your trading style.

You can apply it on to your existing charts (bar, candle, line) or can use the wave alone as I do. Just make sure that you keep your opacity of your candles/bars to a level that makes the wave itself more prominent.

The colour combination looks best on a dark background
Release Notes: Added the option to change the Pip Size for wave change

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