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Do you Ever Wonder How world Market/indices are Performing Before your Market Open?
This indicator consist of 30 Major global indices and 10 local Indices which will help you get a idea of the direction of the global markets. So basically I have calculate the % change for each bar, then I am calculating the weightage of positive change with respect to total % change for all four markets separately .

How to use this indicator?
As per my experience , each regional market will follow the global trend , so I think the the local markets will tends to converge towards the average of all four market trend ( I am situated in Asia , so you need to do your own research before using this indicator )

Following four markets are being plotted :
  • American Market
  • Asian Market
  • European Market
  • Local Market

I have provided inputs to select the indices , you can change the local index as per your location.
You can choose whichever market trend you want to display.

In the following image i have selected the American market and Local market

In the following image i have selected the American market and Local market

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Release Notes:
-Bug resolved

New option added
-Use Todays open instead of yesterdays close for calculation

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