Swing Algo For All

hi friends....publishing Swing Algo For All.. which shows the movement of price over time and how strong those movements are/will be, regardless of the direction the price moves, up, or down. Indicator specifically useful, as it helps traders and analysts spot points where the market can and will reverse by providing signals long (buy) and short (sell). Show the relative strength of price movements but leave out the directionality of the price movements, best utilized in combination with other technical indicators – such as trend lines and moving averages – which show price trends and directions. Having an alert feature to make aware market players from signals provided by the strategy.

There are mainly 3 tyes of swing traders
1 intraday swing trader
2 weekly positional swing trader
3 monthly/yearly positional swing trader

This strategy solves problem of all the type of swing trader. you have to just select type of swing which u want to trade suppose u chose intraday swing it automatically calculate intraday swing high and low and shows buy and sell sign according to it...if it shows buy signal than in lower part it shows plotted line when this line break it automatically generate sell signal and vice versa for sell signal.
same for weekly , monthly and yearly

u can use it in any time frame bcs swing structure are same in any time frame

*************** And also use for any stocks, forex and crypto*****************

screenshot on Banknifty weekly swing
some tips for new traders to become successful trader

1: always follow risk management...
2: every stock/ forex / crypto has it own cycle.. So pls dont jump from one stock / forex pair to another when u hear some stock / crypto has
made new high or low... Bcs after that consolidation period starts.. During consolidation we can not make more profit as in trending market.. So be patient when u had made some position or tarde in one stock/ pair...
3 : we dont require to trade in every stocks / forex/crypto.. Just one stock and pair trading daily make u profitable beyond ur expection.. Bcs
trading in one stock / forex pair.. make u very comfortable and u may always know its movement... And u also trade in every cycle of this
stock/ pair.. So u also trdae its trend days which made highest profit. We dont know when is trend of any stock... Compare with it
business... Trading is business not one day rich game... Its business... It takes time and u have to do same thing agian and again to become
sucessfull trader for this u can use tradingview alerts. .for that u dont need to seat infrot of ur terminal screen.. u can also do algo trading
by using tradingview alerts
4 : By following risk management and incerase lot size as profit increased... This is the key 🔑 of sucess in stocks / forex / crypto market.

I thinks this tips may help new trader. U can modified according to ur trading style..

You can personal message me if u want to use this strategy

u can personal message me if u want to use it..

Dr Aakash parikh
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