(CoInS) Confluence of Indicators and Signals v2 skv

Confluence of Indicators and Signals (CoInS) v2 skv

This time best of pivots and oscillators came to confluence to guide traders for better decision making to trade. Remember practice makes profit.

This script created for educational purpose for learners want to observe/study the indicators and its signals. Indicators HMA , SMA , Super Trend, MACD , BB, ADX /DMI/DMS, RSI , Elder Impulse and Pivots CPR , Camarilla , Floor, SQR are used in this script and the display of them controlled through the indicator settings. Values are tuned and can't be changed. Only the current day values will be displayed.

Observe the signals and reversal points at pivots or moving average lines. The bright green up triangles and bright orange down triangles indicates momentum, the faded triangles indicates the momentum is getting weak.

At start of the day, this script indicates whether today is trending or not trending for the scrip.

The SQR pivot points will move as per the trend and indicate the resistance and support level at that time. The color crosses informs that the change occurred throughout the day.

The signals generated by this study are not recommendation and use it on your own discretion after keenly observing each and every details.


Displays signals from,
  • RSI signals
    HMA signals
    Super Trend
    MACD (cross and histogram signals)
    Elder Impulse
    ADX/DMI/DMS and BB for Momentum

I'm thankful to trading view, various pine coders and authors contributing here and building wealth of knowledge.

*****Remember: Practice makes Profits*****
1. Only for educational and learning purpose
2. For Intraday and scalping strategies and 5 and 15 min TF only
3. Do paper trade before using any information for actual trading
4. Not swing or positional trade
5. Use it on your own discretion and no one else responsible for the profit/loss except you
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