Seven Simple Moving Averages

By default, this script overlays seven simple moving averages (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 200) and allows you to customize the SMA values as you wish. If a candle closes at or above a moving average, the plot for that SMA is colored green for that candle otherwise it's red.
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If I want to filter several lines, how do I need to modify them? For example, after the closing price is more than MA, how many K lines will change again?
primecause enidbin
@enidbin, I don't know what you mean by K lines, but you could hit the wheel icon on the script and modify the settings. For example, you can hide the lines you don't want or change the moving average values instead of the ones I provided. If you want a more custom script, then you should learn PineScript and write your own code.
enidbin primecause
Yes, I have a very good way to do trend trading, and I believe it can be profitable, but I will not write, only to manually test.