NIMBLR F2F Momentum & Indecisive Candle Finder

Indicator based on strategy shared by Nimblr in Elearnmarket Face to face interview
Red Circle means "Indecision" (I)
Green Plus means "Momentum" (M)
Release Notes: There are only possibilities for this either the candle will be indecision or momentum.
So removed indecision filter
Also removed naming to make charts more clean.
Release Notes: Indecision candle is defined as (open-close) < 0.15*(high-low)
And that candle is marked with red circle and 'I'
Release Notes: Now a user can defined percentage of Momentum and Indecision Candle. Default value of Momentum candle is 50% of (high-low) and for indecision candle is 15% of (high-low).

User can set any percentage value now.

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