EUR/USD 45 MIN Strategy - FinexBOT

This strategy uses three indicators:

RSI (Relative Strength Index) - It indicates if a stock is potentially overbought or oversold.
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) - It measures the current price level relative to an average price level over a certain period of time.
Williams %R - It is a momentum indicator that shows whether a stock is at the high or low end of its trading range.

Long (Buy) Trades Open:

When all three indicators suggest that the stock is oversold (RSI is below 25, CCI is below -130, and Williams %R is below -85), the strategy will open a buy position, assuming there is no current open trade.

Short (Sell) Trades Open:

When all three indicators suggest the stock is overbought (RSI is above 75, CCI is above 130, and Williams %R is above -15), the strategy will open a sell position, assuming there is no current open trade.

SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit):

SL (Stop Loss) is 0.45%.
TP (Take Profit) is 1.2%.

The strategy automatically sets these exit points as a percentage of the entry price for both long and short positions to manage risks and secure profits. You can easily adopt these inputs according to your strategy. However, default settings are recommended.
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