DCA Simulator

A simple yet powerful Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) simulator.

You just add the script to your chart, and you'll be able to see:
- Every single entry with its size
- The evolution of you average price in time (blue line)
- The profit and loss areas (where market price < average price the DCA is at loss, and the background is colored in red. At the contrary, where mkt price is > average price, it's profit area and the background is green).
- Max drawdown: the point in price and time where the DCA loss is maximum in the considered time interval. The drawdown amount is specified.
- Profit (or loss) and total cost at the end of the time interval or at the present day: the script shows how much the DCA is netting at a profit or loss, as well as the total cost of the DCA itself.

The parameters are:

- Date start and date end: time interval of the DCA simulation
- DCA period (you can choose between daily, weekly and monthly)
- Week day or month day if you choose those periods
- Single operation size (in base currency)
- Option to choose a DCA LONG or DCA SHORT (for uber bears)
- Option to include an exit strategy that partially closes your position (the % size closed can be chosen as well with the parameter "exit_close_perc") every time the DCA realizes a specific gain (choosable with the parameter "exit_gain_threshold"). If you choose "none" as an exit strategy, the script will assume to never close positions until the end of the period or the present day for simulation purpose.

NB: just ignore the TV strategy tester results, all the data are visible on the chart.

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