Major and Minor Trend Indicator by Nikhil34a V 2.2

Title: Major and Minor Trend Indicator by Nikhil34a V 2.2

The Major and Minor Trend Indicator v2.2 is a comprehensive technical analysis script designed for use with the TradingView platform. This powerful tool is developed in Pine Script version 5 and helps traders identify potential buying and selling opportunities in the stock market.


SMA Trend Analysis: The script calculates two Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) with user-defined lengths for major and minor trends. It displays these SMAs on the chart, allowing traders to visualize the prevailing trends easily.

Surge Detection: The indicator can detect buying and selling surges based on specific conditions, such as volume, RSI, MACD, and stochastic indicators. Both Buying and Selling surges are marked in black on the chart.

Option Buy Zone Detection: The script identifies the option buy zone based on SMA crossovers, RSI, and MACD values. The buy zone is categorized as "CE Zone" or "PE Zone" and displayed in the table along with the trigger time.

Two-Day High and Low Range: The script calculates the highest high and lowest low of the previous two trading days and plots them on the chart. The area between these points is shaded in semi-transparent green and red colors.

Crossover Analysis: The script analyzes moving average crossovers on multiple timeframes (2-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute) and displays buy and sell signals accordingly.

Trend Identification: The script identifies the major and minor trends as either bullish or bearish, providing valuable insights into the overall market sentiment.


Customize Major and Minor SMA Periods: Adjust the lengths of major and minor SMAs through input parameters to suit your trading preferences.
Enable/Disable Moving Averages: Choose which SMAs to display on the chart by toggling the "showXMA" input options.
Set Surge and Option Buy Zone Thresholds: Modify the surgeThreshold, volumeThreshold, RSIThreshold, and StochThreshold inputs to refine the surge and buy zone detection.
Analyze Crossover Signals: Monitor the crossover signals in the table, categorized by timeframes (2-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute).
Explore Market Bias and Distance to 2-Day High/Low: The table provides information on market bias, current price movement relative to the previous two-day high and low, and the option buy zone status.

Additional Use Cases:

Surge Indicator:
The script includes a Surge Indicator that detects sudden buying or selling surges in the market. When a buying surge is identified, the "BSurge" label will appear below the corresponding candle with black text on a white background. Similarly, a selling surge will display the "SSurge" label in white text on a black background. These indicators help traders quickly spot strong buying or selling activities that may influence their trading decisions. These surges can be used to identify sudden premium dump zones.

Option Buy Zone:
The Option Buy Zone is an essential feature that identifies potential zones for buying call options (CE Zone) or put options (PE Zone) based on specific technical conditions. The indicator evaluates SMA crossovers, RSI, and MACD values to determine the current market sentiment. When the option buy zone is triggered, the script will display the respective zone ("CE Zone" or "PE Zone") in the table, highlighted with a white background. Additionally, the time when the buy zone was triggered will be shown under the "Option Buy Zone Trigger Time" column.

Price Movement Relative to 2-Day High/Low:
The script calculates the highest high and lowest low of the previous two trading days (high2DaysAgo and low2DaysAgo) and plots these points on the chart. The area between these two points is shaded in semi-transparent green and red colors. The green region indicates the price range between the highpricetoconsider (highest high of the previous two days) and the lower value between highPreviousDay and high2DaysAgo. Similarly, the red region represents the price range between the lowpricetoconsider (lowest low of the previous two days) and the higher value between lowPreviousDay and low2DaysAgo.

Entry Time and Current Zone:
The script identifies potential entry times for trades within the option buy zone. When a valid buy zone trigger occurs, the script calculates the entryTime by adding the durationInMinutes (user-defined) to the startTime. The entryTime will be displayed in the "Entry Time" column of the table. Depending on the comparison between optionbuyzonetriggertime and entryTime, the background color of the entry time will change. If optionbuyzonetriggertime is greater than entryTime, the background color will be yellow, indicating that a new trigger has occurred before the specified duration. Otherwise, the background color will be green, suggesting that the entry time is still within the defined duration.

Current Zone Indicator:
The script further categorizes the current zone as either "CE Zone" (call option zone) or "PE Zone" (put option zone). When the market is trending upwards and the minor SMA is above the major SMA, the currentZone will be set to "CE Zone." Conversely, when the market is trending downwards and the minor SMA is below the major SMA, the currentZone will be "PE Zone." This information is displayed in the "Current Zone" column of the table.

These additional use cases empower traders with valuable insights into market trends, buying and selling surges, option buy zones, and potential entry times. Traders can combine this information with their analysis and risk management strategies to make informed and confident trading decisions.

The script is optimized for identifying trends and potential trade opportunities. It is crucial to perform additional analysis and risk management before executing any trades based on the provided signals.

Happy Trading!

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