One of the Biggest challenge in trading is to find the right trend and once we are in the right trend, holding on to winning trades is the next challenge. So this indicator addresses both these issues and helps you with
finding the right trend and also guide you and glide the trades till there is a change in trend by means of proper trend based candle color.

You can just look at the basic candle color as per the prevailing trend and be in the trend as long as the candle colors doesn't change. You need not worry or panic about the small pullbacks or retracements which is a normal
course of any trend continuation. Without this Indicator, in normal situation we would have ended our trades thinking the trend has changed and only to find that trend is again continuing and giving us more than 3-4 times reward after exit.

This Indicator is coded in such a way that no matter what may be the standard color of the candle, This Indicator will paint the candles to Green color in an Uptrend and it will paint the candles RED color in downtrend.
You can take entries as soon as you see the trend formation and wait till the trend is changed or the candle color is changed.

This indicator is intended for the use of newbies or Novice traders to give them confidence and also to guide them towards the proper trend so that they are not taking any counter trend trades.
This Indicator is also beneficial for experienced and master traders to keep them in trade and glide until there is a clear change in trend thereby riding their profits for longer time.

This is a Moving average crossover based strategy but slightly different in the computation where in I have used the customized PEMA values to suit most favorable win ratio.
The results are best when used for timeframe of 10 mins and above. Also you must know the basics of candle stick patterns and price action to take suitable entries and exit at favorable risk reward ratio.
Always do not wait for exit signal from the indicator. You can exit whenever you have gained decent profit and you can keep a trailing stop loss and lock in your profit.

This Indicator works on all Markets and all types of timeframes. Kindly do backtesting for atleast 2-3 months data before using it for live market. Also you must find out which stocks you wish to trade and check if this indicator works favorably for your scripts. The results might slightly vary on stocks
with high volatility .

Always look for the curve in trending up direction of trending down direction. Do not trade whenever the curve is flat and not inclined upside or downside.
Always trade with a suitable STOPLOSS in place and trade with less quantity till you find comfort and confidence with this Indicator.

Further updates to follow periodically. Incase you like this script, like it and share it to others too. Also take a look at the other scripts that I have published.

Happy Trading

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