Hello VWAP "Beta"

This is my 1st indicator, and my attention is to plot the VWAP "Volume-weighted average price" using the SMA "Simple Moving Average" over time... IE over the last 50,100,200 bars and just the VWAP ... All of them in just one line... I have made it when I have been using the BTC /US chart, but it should work for stocks/forex or any other chart that you want to use...

I am not completely sure about this indicator and I do want to add more to this, that is how come I am posting to the community to show what I have done and people can use it and if they are open to it give me feedback or tips to make it better...

Happy trading...
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The IF operator don't make any diference in that script.. this code is just ploting the sma50(VWAP).
nice start. keep it up!
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@raymond_red_reddington, Thanks, got any idea(s) or tips?
I don't know why I have green triangles on the chart, that is not a part of the indicator...