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A must have tool for SPY SPX ES traders~!!!

The SPY SPX ES Price Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows traders to view corresponding price levels for linked instruments in real-time. This includes SPY, SPX, ES, and SPX500USD. Although these instruments often move in sync, differences in price movements, volume, and trading hours can create unique key levels and support/resistance areas for each. By mapping these levels on the same chart, traders can more easily spot trading opportunities and improve their chances of success.

Customizable features
- multiplier from the closest whole number price level
- line color
- line style
- label position / size
- # of levels to display
- toggle current price display table
Release Notes:
█ Feature Updates

Added customizable ticker input to enable users to choose any correlated instruments.
Release Notes:
Added custom price base option for SPY. This allow user to set a base price interval for SPY. For example with multiple of 5 and base of 5, SPY price levels on ES chart will display 435, 440, 445...etc instead of 438, 443, 448...etc

Release Notes:
◊ Added option for conversion update frequency:
  • Every tick - converted price lines are updated in real time. These converted levels might be 'jumpy' as there is always slight differences in price changes between correlated instruments.
  • Per Candle Close - converted price lines are updated once per candle close.
Release Notes:
corrected typo
Release Notes:
◊ Bug fixed
  • Conversion lines won't display / display incorrectly on Daily timeframe or above

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