Simple debug function

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Simple method I used to debug problem in my script.

For loop generates 5 numbers from the given depth. At present, depth is 9

Rules for generating the combinations are as follows:

  • First number is always 1
  • Two even numbers should not be adjacent to each other and two odd numbers should not be adjacent to each other
  • Numbers should be ordered in incremental order.
  • Print all possible combinations

While the logic above is just a random one. Debug method can be reused for any program.
Release Notes:
Few updates
  • Made logs scrollable by adding start index as input. This is set to 0.
  • Added barindex as first column for reference. This can also be changed to date and time. But, thought bar index is more useful to have.
  • Added maxLogSize which refers to size of logs. Max value is 100000 - beyond that it will give runtime error. Hence, set maxvalue to avoid that.
Release Notes:
Minor updates
  • introduced method add_to_array to have fixed size array
  • Mix table max size issue
Release Notes:
onlyLastBar set to false by default
Release Notes:
convert to tostring before adding array to avoid errors
Release Notes:
Adding signature ;)
Release Notes:
  • Further update to print bar time instead of bar index. Option added to chose bar index as well.
  • Grouping of inputs.
Release Notes:
Convert to v5

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