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Guided by ICT tutoring and also inspired by the teaching of
Daye', I create this versatile "AMDX" indicator.

A = Accumulation
M = Manipulation
D = Distribution
X = Continuation Or Reversal

This indicator shows a different way of viewing all the Timeframes by dividing them into Quarters, in this context the Trading sessions are divided into a 90m cycle, dividing each time range into Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4, in this way you have a clear vision of what the price is likely to do

True Open Times =
Opening Week - Monday at 6pm
Opening Day - 00:00
Asia -7.30pm
London -01.30
New York -07:30
PM -1.30pm

Session Times =
Q1 Asia 18:00-00:00
Q2 London 00:00-06:00
Q3 New York 06:00-12:00
Q4 PM 12:00-18:00

The user has the possibility to:
- Choose whether to display AMDX W
- Choose whether to display AMDX D
- Choose whether to display AMDX Session
- Choose to show the text in the Box
- Choose to show open levels

The indicator should be used as ICT and 'Daye' show in their concepts.
The indicator divides everything into Quarter ranges and classifies them into Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4 (as in the example above), and each Quarter has its own specific function, and can be used in this way:
If Q1 does an expansion it is likely that Q2 will do a consolidation, Q3 will do a Manipulation and Q4 will do a reversal returning to Q1
-If we are Bullish we buy under Open Session
-If we are Bearish we buy above open session
As in the example below:

If something is not clear, comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.
Release Notes:
Vision Weekly in Timeframe 4h

Vision Daily in 15m
Release Notes:
Fixed Error HTF
Release Notes:
- Added ability to change session color
Release Notes:
- Edit the Open lines
- Added Line Open thickness choice
- Added uniform color for Line and Box Sessions
- Addes Session MICRO in New York it is only seen at Timeframe 1m below
Release Notes:
- Added ability to view the High and Low levels of AMDX D (These would be the sessions)
Release Notes:
- Fixed Bug
Release Notes:
Change of the code to view the ADMX boxes
The previous review is the 7.0

- Added annual start and automatically ends up the following year

- Divides the year in Quarter
- Show line on the months - Line on Monday and Friday, BG of Friday

4h :
1h :
Release Notes:
- Added session time 22m
- Added Micro Ny time
Release Notes:
- Fixed HL
Release Notes:
- Added choise Box or High-Low Session
Release Notes:
- Fixed Bug
Release Notes:
- Fixed last candle
Release Notes:
- Fixed box
Release Notes:
- Fixed Error
Release Notes:
- Adjust Timing
Release Notes:
- Add color Session
Release Notes:
- Added Tabel info
Release Notes:
- Fix bug
Release Notes:
- To view only Q1 or Q2 or Q3 or Q4

Usage in AMDX D and AMDX Session ''Color Session' '(red line)
And select your Quarter

does not work on Micro Session and H/L

Release Notes:
- Fix Tabel
Release Notes:
- Fixed BUG
- Added Choose quarter, gives the possibility to view only the quarter you want
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