RSI Hidden Divergence + Stochastic + 200 EMA @DaviddTech

Hey Traders,

This is my first strategy of many I hope. Inspired by a strategy I found on YouTube I wanted to see if it would work with a BOT strategy.

The idea is :

## LONG ##
* When the price is above 200 EMA take only LONG positions.
* Look for Bullish hidden divergence.
* Stochastic crossover to find our entry.

## SHORTS ##

* When the price is below 200 EMA take only SHORTpositions.
* Look for Bearish hidden divergence.
* Stochastic crossunder to find our entry.

You can used a fixed percentage, ATR, HH/LL or a FIB level to take profit.

Everything is very visual and can be connected easily to a bot.

I will be doing a video on HOW-TO setup in a couple of days.


This will show you on backtest is you take profits at 3 levels however I have not tested on a BOT strategy.

NOTE : This is for educational purposes and please test on a paper account, as I said this is my first strategy.

I will be working and back testing new strategies every week.

- Made with ♥ @DaviddTech
Release Notes: * Fixed a bug with the traffic light system
Release Notes: Updated many features.
* Multiple Profit Taking
* Liqudation
* More accurate backtest results.
Release Notes: Updated the framework.
- For purpose educate only - My mission is to debunk fake strategies with code to find THE ONE.
- Plots EMAs and other values on chart.
- This script to change bars colors.
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Really loved your hidden divergence script, keen to share the code to get better understnding for stratgey flow?
much appreicated.
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hello can i have your source code?
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good job!!!!
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Thx Bro,nice work
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Thank you for your effort!
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daviddtech Timothymoody
@Timothymoody, Hey TimothyMoody.
Thanks for being my first comment.
No problem. I think I just found a new passion for coding these strategies. I hope to create one per week.

Have a great day.
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