The Indicator shows daily CPR level (3-dotted) lines. It also shows H3 and L3 Camarilla Pivots (Red and Green Dotted Lines). VAH and VAL value areas are shown by silver lines. 200 and 20 simple moving averages are also included in the indicator. RBI (R) and GBI (G) Red and Green Ignored Bars of Mr. Oliver Velez are also shown in this indicator. Various candlestick alerts as mentioned in the book "Secrets of Pivot Boss" are shown in Red and Green Up/Down triangles. Range Breakouts are shown in blue coloured triangles. Dotted purple line is Weekly Pivot Line. It is advised to follow proper risk-management rules when using any of the strategy/ indicator published by others.

Disclaimer: This indicator is to be used only for educational purpose. Signals shown in this indicator are not buy/sell recommendations.

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