PivotBoss ADR Price Targets

This script forcasts daily, weekly, Monthly targets well in advance so that you can position yourself accordingly. Script has four target levels such as 50% target level, 75% target level, 100% target level and 125% target level. You can scale out your position across these levels. Price has 80% potential to reach 1st target level, 70% potential to reach 2nd second target level and 50% potential to reach 3rd and 4th target level.

The script takes 10 period average daily range and high of the period to project the downside targets, 10 period ADR and low of the peiod to project upsdie target levels.

When the price is trades in the narrow range in the prior period then the potehtial to reach 125% target level increase by 90%.

This script is purely price based use it with other pivotBoss pivots and volume profile for confirmation of your bias
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-- Daily Bear Targets
-- Weekly Bear Targets
-- Monthly Bear Targets
-- Monthly Bull Targets
Release Notes: Minor code changes..
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