MTF RDX++ [@TradersVenue]

This is multi timeframe RSI indicator which displays RSI value of 15/25/75/125/D/W/M timeframes in single window.
One can select or deselect individual RSI"s, choose RSI length of default RSI , length of slow/fast RSI .
Current RSI indicator considers below scenarios to be bullish 1) RSI > iRSILongLvl 2) Smaller TF RSI > Larger TF RSI
Current RSI indicator considers below scenarios to be bearish 1) RSI < iRSILongLvl 2) Smaller TF RSI < Larger TF RSI
Background of the indicator turns green when RSI trades above iRSILongLvl, turns red when RSI trades below iRSISellLvl else orage
If SlowRSI > SlowRSI then it indicates EMA ( RSI (14), LEN ) is in a upward slope i.e. its bullish
Along with RSI it displayes ADX as well. So one may go through the settings and enable or disable display of DI and ADX lines.
Few UI /UX customizations in chart, like changing line width, transparency, BG Color is provisioned for enhanced viewability
Trend and momentum score is calculated using RSI / ADX /MA/ Volume / VWAP and then trend strength. Score >1 bullish . Score<1 bearish
BTST/STBT signals added in the indicator for overnight brokenwing straddles. Details will be explained during webinar.
Release Notes: Few minor updates for better signals

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