The default script has: Bolinger Bands, Moving Average and Doji , Bearish Harami, Bullish Harami, Bearish Engulfing , Bullish Engulfing , Piercing Line, Bullish Belt, Bullish Kicker, and Bearish Kicker. The Piercing Line, Bullish Belt, and the Kickers will usually show up better in the daily charts .

Please note if moving average SMA (green line) crosses above SMA (red line) is uptrend , stock price will move up gradually. If suppose moving average SMA (green line) crosses below SMA (red line) is downtrend, stock price will move down. Also please validate with MACD & RSI for reference will get more clarity.
Release Notes: Ichamoku Cloud indicator added
Release Notes: #Update with Support and Resistance

Support--> Orange Colour
Resistance--> Aqua Colour
Release Notes: #update with support and resistance colours

support in yellow colour
resistance in aqua colour
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Hi Could I get access to using your script please
cnubathula Crypto9689
@Crypto9689, Please search candles by cnubathula in indicators public library. Everyone Select and apply candles indicator in their chart.
cnubathula Crypto9689
@Crypto9689, Everyone can add it to favorites and use it.