Higher order Orderblocks + Breakerblocks + Range + Alerts

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This script identifies Orderblocks, Breakerblocks and Range using higher order pivots and priceaction logic.
I tried to reduce the number of blocks to make the chart cleaner, for this purpose I use only second order pivots for both MSB lines and supply/demand boxes, I also tried to filter out shifts in MS and false breakouts.

Any box has GRAY color until it gets tested.
After successful test box gets colors:
RED for Supply
GREEN for Demand
BLUE for any Breakerblocks
For cleaner chart and script speed all broken boxes deletes from chart.
It gives comparatively clean chart on any TF, even on extra small (5m, 3m, 1m).

For Range there is option to plot 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 lines.
I usually use log scale on charts and there is an option to use it for proper range mean.

In previous my scripts i have requests to make alerts and this time i made it.
It has customizable alert catching all needed alerts into one output:
- Alert MSB - when market structure changes alert will inform you about its direction, MSB line and new Demand/Supply.
- Alert Orderblock or Breakerblock test - alerts when block was tested and it holds (in other words when it get RED/GREEN/BLUE colors)
- Alert New Range - when new range detected
- Alert Range test - alerts when range top or botoom was tested and it holds.

some examples :
Release Notes:
- added ability to change box colors
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