Why do I need to purchase additional market data subscriptions

Most of the stock and futures exchanges that we support charge fees for their real-time data, and our paid plans do not cover those fees even if you have an active subscription with us.

Note: US stock market data is real-time but provided by Cboe One. This data is slightly different from primary exchanges. If you would like to get real-time data directly from NASDAQ, NYSE or ARCA, you can add this data to your plan. Read more about Cboe One data vs NASDAQ/NYSE/ARCA.

If you’re unsure which data subscription you need to purchase for a specific chart, there are 2 ways to find it out:

  1. Click on the chart’s market status, the relevant subscription will be shown in the drop-down: 
  2. Enter the ticker into the symbol search field, and the exchange that lists this particular instrument will be shown next to the ticker: