A user scammed me. Can you give his IP address / email / credentials to me?

Here we want to address an important issue: online security. While we strive to create a safe space for connection and sharing, it’s vital to be aware of individuals who may try to exploit online platforms.

We encourage you to be vigilant against unusual or suspicious communications, especially those claiming to be from us. Remember, we will never ask for your sensitive personal information via email, send you to external websites or offer you to buy / pay for subscriptions via a third party. Any communication received from other members is coming directly from them, not TradingView, and needs to be treated accordingly.

If you believe you have been scammed by one of our users, then we advise you to go to the police or to other proper authorities and file an official complaint. TradingView will be happy to fully cooperate with any formal request by such an authority and provide what information it has. They can contact us via email at security@tradingview.com. We always work with the police and help them with any kind of investigation.

Please note that we published a blog post in which we warn users to never blindly trust other users, no matter if they are lowly rated or highly rated.