OANDA - how to start trading & how to place orders

You can trade through OANDA directly from the charts using your demo or live accounts.

To start trading:

  • log in on www.tradingview.com with your TradingView account;
  • open a chart, click Trading Panel at the bottom and choose OANDA;
  • select your account type and click Continue;
  • log in using your OANDA account;
  • tick the accounts that you wish to use and click Allow when finished.

After you login with your trading account, 4 tabs will appear at the bottom: Positions, Orders, Account Summary and Notifications log. The Orders tab has a filter for all possible order statuses for your convenience. A gray line from each column displays key values from the Account Summary.

In the top-right of the Trading Panel there’s a menu with main settings for trading, a button for disconnecting trading and a button for choosing another broker. Your account ID and a dropdown for switching between sub-accounts are also there (if it’s a multi-account ID).

An order can be placed through the chart’s or trading panel’s context menu, the Plus menu on the chart or through the Buy/Sell buttons.

Once the order ticket is opened you can set the “price”, “stop loss” and “take profit” values using either pips or prices. You can also calculate the “amount” manually or by using the risk/reward ratio, and set the duration of your order.