How do I spend TradingView Coins?

You can spend TradingView Coins on paid plans: either our 1 month or 1 year plans. For example, 3000 coins is access up to 1 month of our PRO+ plan, one of our most popular options. You can spend coins only on the website. If you have already subscribed through the mobile apps, you should cancel the subscription auto-renewal and spend TradingView coins on the website after your previous subscription being cancelled.

Note that if you already have an active plan, you can add a month or a year of the same type with coins. 

Info cards make it easy to see how many more coins you need to grab a perk. 

Check out terms & conditions for complete info.

Also, you can cheer the authors you like and donate them coins. Simply hit the Cheer button in the Stream view window, in a user’s Ideas/Scripts, in the user profile, or in the pop-up that appears when you hover your cursor over a user’s name. Just click 'Cheer' and go from there.