What is an indicator?

An indicator is a function built on the basis of trading statistics (such as opening and closing prices, minimum and maximum prices, trading volumes, etc.), the analysis of changes in the values of which allows predicting the future movement of the market. The values of the indicator functions can be displayed on the chart in the form of lines, columns, points, geometric figures, etc.

What indicators are available on the TradingView platform?

To see the available indicators, click on the Indicators button on the top panel of the chart, a window will open:

In the left part of the indicators window, you can select the category of indicators you are interested in: Built-ins, Public Library, My scripts, Volume Profile.

  • The built-in list contains more than one hundred of the most popular indicators provided by the TradingView platform - these are various options for moving averages, price channels, and oscillators.
  • Public indicators are indicators developed on a Pine Script and published by our active users.
  • My scripts - indicators section of Pine Scripts saved by you.
  • Volume Profile - a set of indicators that allows you to display on the chart a volume profile for the visible time period, by session or manually selected time range. Please note that volume profile indicators are available only to paid users (starting with Pro and higher).

How to apply the indicator to the chart?

Just select the indicator you are interested in on the right side of the window and click on it - the indicator will appear on the chart, and its name, parameters and values will be displayed in the chart legend.