Script moderation on TradingView

Why are Community scripts moderated?

Community scripts contain over 150,000 scripts. Both newcomers and seasoned traders should be able to rely on those indicators, strategies and libraries, as they are tools often used to trade real money. If you publish a script there, it should be original and accompanied by a description explaining to users what the script does and how it can be used. Script moderators ensure this by curating Community scripts using the criteria documented in our Script Publishing Rules and our Vendor Requirements for authors selling access to scripts.

Think of Wikipedia. How can its content be so reliable when anybody can contribute? Because editors work behind the scenes to validate all new content. Our script moderators play the same role as Wikipedia editors. They also protect our users from scams and spam accounts that do not share our community values, misuse open-source scripts or use Community scripts to self-promote or mislead others.

Each year, approximately 50,000 new submissions are published by script authors, yet only a minority of those are accepted by script moderators. The others are rejected because they do not comply with rules.


My script was moderated. What can I do?

First, read the message you received from the PineCoders account through a private chat; it explains which rules were violated. Read the Script Publishing Rules if you haven't yet. Then you have three options:

  1. If you can make your script compliant, publish it as a new publication. Done.
  2. If you can't make your script compliant, continue using it privately by adding it to the chart from the Pine Editor, or publish a private publication that exempts your script from moderation.
  3. If you have questions for moderators, reply to the message you received.

Publishing your script in the Public Library is not a right; it is a privilege you can exercise if you respect our community's rules. Your contributions are appreciated, but publishing a public script should not be taken lightly.

Resolve issues with moderators, as cases brought to support must make it back to moderators, which will only lengthen the time to get your script published.

How can I prevent my scripts from being moderated?


Who are the script moderators?

Our script moderators are members of PineCoders, a group of expert Pine programmers. While moderators do not have time to help Pine programmers with their programming challenges privately, they will gladly help authors make their publications compliant with rules.