Tips for script authors

These tips are a complement to our Script Publishing Rules and General House Rules. They provide answers to common questions authors have about script publishing.

Authors considered as Vendors (e.g., selling access to invite-only scripts) must also meet our Vendor Requirements.

Should I publish my scripts in the Public Library or privately?

It depends on your purpose:

  • Make your script public if you think your script is original, can be useful to traders, and you want to share it with the at-large TradingView community. Your publication must then be prepared carefully and respect the rules. Public scripts should be about supplying traders with properly documented, original and potentially useful trading tools—not showing off that you have just learned how to modify Pine code from another author.
  • Publish a private script if you want to share your script with a few friends or practice the script publication process. We do not moderate private publications. Only users with whom you share your private script's link will have access to it. You cannot use such a link or mention your private publications in any public TradingView content. While you cannot delete a public script, you can edit and delete private scripts.

You control public/private publishing using the lock icon to the left of the "Publish…" button in the "Publish Script" window. Whether you publish to the Public Library or privately, you can use open-source or protected (closed-source) modes. Premium users can also publish using the invite-only mode.

The Pine User Manual explains how to use the different script publication modes.

Why publish open-source?

  • Openness and accountability are at the top of the values TradingView promotes.
  • Publishing open-source allows traders to verify that your script does what you say it does.
  • Open-source gives other coders a chance to make improvement suggestions to your script, allowing you to benefit from the experience of more experienced coders.
  • Open-source scripts by experienced coders allow other coders to learn the best Pine-coding practices. Learning Pine from the best coders on the platform is one of the most effective ways to get started and stay current.

Can I reuse open-source?

Sure! One of the reasons we encourage open-source publications is so Pine programmers can share and learn from each other. Reuse open-source privately all you want.

If, however, you intend to publish a script reusing open-source, then you must respect our reuse rules, which you will find in our Script Publishing Rules.

Can I update an existing script and its description?

  • You cannot edit the description initially published with a script.
  • You cannot change the visibility (public/private) or the publication mode (open-source, protected, invite-only) of a published script.
  • You can update the script's code using the Update feature in the Publish Script window. You can also publish release notes with your update, which will appear under your description. When you update a script, the chart used during the update will replace the one in your script's page (the one you see when you open a script widget).

Are there Pine Coding Conventions?

What happens to moderated scripts?

  • Moderators hide moderated scripts.
  • When scripts are hidden, they appear with a red background.
  • Once a script is hidden, authors can no longer update them or make them visible again.
  • Nobody can see hidden scripts besides moderators and their author.
  • If you want to publish a moderated script, you will need to make a new, compliant publication.

How can I practice script publication?

  • Use private publications to practice the publication and update process.