Why was my idea unsuggested?

TradingView is a platform that is used by inexperienced and seasoned traders alike. To be useful for every visitor, we aim for publications that are clear, useful and helpful in understanding the setup you are showing. The better your explanations, the higher the chance people will like it and provide feedback on it. This is the way we can grow our knowledge as a community.

An unsuggested idea will not appear on the homepage or in popular idea streams, which limits its exposure. It will only be visible in the newest idea streams, to users that visit your profile or who have a direct link to the publication.

Don't think of this as a penalty. Look at it as an opportunity to improve your charting, analysis and interaction with other users. We genuinely want you to do well and enjoy your experience here and hopefully this article will help you in your TradingView journey.

Which ideas are unsuggested?

We unsuggest ideas that:

  • Have a title or description that is mainly in CAPITALS (uppercase letters).
  • Have very little or no analysis on the chart.
  • Lack a meaningful description.

Mainly capitals?

Writing the majority of your idea description in uppercase is perceived by the reader as shouting, yelling or screaming (for attention). This is not very nice, and it’s a violation of our etiquette rules.


Only capitalize your text where needed, if something needs to be emphasized. It’s fine to have instrument names, “TP”, “SL”, etc in uppercase.

Little to no analysis on the chart?

There are certainly some things on the chart you see and want to discuss. You can highlight those with any of our annotation tools, some trend lines, indicators, signposts etc.


Highlight on your chart the things you are discussing in your description.

Lack of meaningful description?

Charts with a description like “LONG”, “BUY”, “ENTRY:xxx, TP:xxx, SL:XXX”, “MOON” etc. provide very little value to the visitor of your publication.


 Describe what you see on the chart, what is the reason for your entry, what would invalidate your trade or opinion, what do you expect to happen. New users will be able to learn from it, while seasoned traders can discuss with you when they have different opinions and you can learn from them, which is a win-win situation really.
A good habit for a trader is to keep a trading journal. If you describe your ideas well, you can always go back to them and learn from the good and the bad. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I edit my idea so it can be suggested again?

A: Ideas can only be edited up to 15 minutes after the initial publication, after that they are locked and cannot be edited.

Q: Can I update my idea so it is suggested again?

A: Updates are not taken into account for suggestion as they are not visible on the ideas page.

Q: Can you/I delete my idea?

A: TradingView does not allow idea deletion.

Q: I only publish for myself, so it's not important?

A: If you only publish for yourself, we suggest you publish your ideas privately rather than publicly. To do so, make sure that the "Private idea"-tickbox is ticked when publishing.

Q: Traders understand what I mean, so what gives?

A: True, traders with some experience might know what you mean. However, every day we have new users on the platform who would like to understand and learn. It would be a shame not to cater to them, share your experience and grown your following.

Q: I still don't understand why my idea was unsuggested?

A: Feel free to reach out to any of our moderators if you need more information, after you checked out the links below.

For inspiration and examples have a look at our Editors' Picks and see how these authors present their ideas.