I want to scan stocks from the entire world

The Entire world screener feature is available on our platform, which opens up access to the global stock view mode, in which stocks of 70+ markets located in more than 50 countries become available to you at the same time.

This feature will help you:

- Scan the whole world at once

- Scan specific markets

- Scan only one market

To get going, simply go to our Stock Screener, then select the Globe or Flag icon.

You then simply select “Entire world” to see the whole kaboodle — stocks from more than 50 countries:

You can also toggle the “Multi-select” feature to choose specific countries:

Or view your favorite stocks from just one market as normal:

If you need to clear the decks, just hit the “Reset” button, which defaults back to US stocks.

One final thing: it’s worth noting that currency data still has the same conversion rules as it does in single-market mode. You can read more about it here.